Why Donate?

Your donation to Sunflower Seeds Inc. is necessary for the delivery of vital humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. Sunflower Seeds enjoys a unique partnership with caring teams in Orange, France, who have close ties to refugee camps in Jaroslaw, Poland. We thus benefit from their insights into real-time needs on the ground in both the refugee camps and Ukraine.

Since the onset of the war in February 2022, our French partners have orchestrated five convoys, each transporting 2200 pounds of critical supplies encompassing essential necessities such as: food, hygiene items, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to facilitating the supply of goods, contributions have been used in other ways. Funds have been directed toward repairing an elevator, significantly improving access for elderly and disabled individuals residing in a monastery near Jaroslaw.

Your donation will help to provide essential supplies, such as:

  • 1 Military Grade Medical Backpack with Supplies: $1115.00
  • 1 Case of MRE’s (12 count): $112.00
  • 1 Military Grade Hemorrhage Kit: $75.00
  • 20 Boxes of Tylenol (24 count): $64.00
  • 1 Case of Boost Protein Drink (24 count): $56.00
  • 1 Case of Cereal Bars (48 count): $25.00

By contributing to Sunflower Seeds, you become part of a supply chain that begins in the Huntington/Tristate area, through Orange, France, to Ukrainian refugee camps in Poland and beyond.